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Subject: Pollutant Discharge Application No. OK0000736, Facility ID No. I-48000160 filed by Weyerhaeuser Co. of Ruston, Louisiana on behalf of its Weyerhaeuser Craig Facility near Broken Bow, Oklahoma


Regarding the issue of the Weyerhaeuser Co. plan under Pollutant Discharge Application No. OK0000736, Facility ID No. I-48000160 lands there are several major factors that should be carefully considered.

First is the damage that dumping of toxic, hazardous chemicals do to the natural environment by their very presence in sensitive areas. These damages include, but are not limited to:

(1) carcinogenic effects to humans, animals, fish and birds that will be unnecessarily exposed to formaldehyde and sodium pentachlorapheanate;

(2) pollution by carcinogenic chemicals of public water supplies in Texarkana and other cities along the natural course of water flow between Broken Bow, Oklahoma and the Gulf of Mexico near Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana;

(3) destruction of habitat, breeding grounds and food sources for fish, birds and wildlife in and near Ouachita National Forest, many of which may become extinct or greatly reduced in number because of preventable damage;

(4) pollution of surface and sub-surface water due to chemical contamination from chemical discharges of formaldehyde, sodium pentachlorapheanate and other toxic substances which have devastating effects on the natural environment;

(5) disruption to the economic stability of the Southeastern Oklahoma area around Broken Bow where many thousands of people go for outdoor recreational activities including, but not limited to, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, fishing, camping, hunting and other activities that will be negatively impacted by releases of carcinogenic chemicals into the Mountain Fork River; and

(6) general destruction to public lands and waterways that render those affected areas undesirable for use by the majority of citizens due to physical damage to riverbanks, streambeds, adjoining lands, natural vegetation, chemical pollution and similar factors for the Mountain Fork, Little, Red and Lower Mississippi Rivers in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Second is the fact that public lands and waterways belong to all citizens, and allowing a company such as Weyerhaeuser Co. to pollute an area where devastating physical damage will result from their activities renders the public lands unusable by the majority of citizens who may not wish to be subjected to carcinogenic chemical exposure along or in streambeds or the destruction caused by chemical discharges into waterways that result in severe damage to the natural environment.

Third is the fact that Weyerhaeuser Co. owns over 38 million acres of land in five countries and has annual revenues of nearly $20 Billion, and as such should be able to properly and safely dispose of carcinogenic chemical byproducts from its particleboard and chipboard manufacturing operations at the Weyerhaeuser Craig Facility near Broken Bow, Oklahoma in such a way as not to risk injury to or death of humans, animals, birds and fish, as well as damage and destruction to the Mountain Fork, Little, Red and Mississippi Rivers, surrounding lands and Ouachita National Forest.

As a concerned citizen who often enjoys the natural beauty of our rivers and surrounding land areas I urge you to vote against allowing Weyerhaeuser Co., or any other business, to discharge toxic, hazardous and carcinogenic chemicals into the natural environment where such activities are or will be occurring. Please consider the high cost of maintenance and repair and the long recovery period required after cessation of such activities in reaching your decision on the matter of allowing Weyerhaeuser Co. to discharge formaldehyde, sodium pentachlorapheanate and/or other toxins into waterways, streambeds and adjacent lands in McCurtain County.



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